Thanks, but no thanks;)

I find it a challenge now, to look after myself so totally – that it means saying no to people/events – that you would normally jump at the chance to go to. What happens if you’re a yes person, but your body says no? You can either listen to your body & snuggle into bed […]

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New Years resolutions? Made em? Broke em yet? Am gonna conquer the world!!!! …Wait a minute….that’s a lotta work, think I’ll just sleep in…. Yep, good call;) I came into this year with absolutely NO resolutions, or goals. How about that, eh? May sound totally slack! One think is certain however, I won’t be disappointed about […]

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The Every Day Warriors

How much do we let our circumstance define who we are? There is a quote by Seneca that says: ‘Happiness is defined by our disposition, not upon our circumstance’ Circumstance, I believe, can have a profound effect on our lives. But, how we choose to let circumstance define us, is I believe, our choice. We […]

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The flow on effect

  It’s not just the patient who is impacted, but family, friends, and loved ones. It was brought to my attention most recently, to mention the impact Chronic Disease, in my case Crohn’s, can have on – not just the patient, but the loved ones, those who are close. It’s true, it does. It has. […]

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I’ve gotta put what…where?!?

I’ve gotta put what….where? Yup. This is the post. Talking about (que dramatic theme music) THE BAG!!! Oh my;) OK….Where to begin? Well I could talk about how life saving it was. Or, how fortunately it was only temporary so the rest of my body could heal for 6 months, before putting me back together […]

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