IBD Awareness Month!

It’s the beginning of IBD month:) this month is all about sharing awareness of chronic bowel diseases such as Ulcerativce Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. These diseases are much more than having a funny tummy, or not digesting food correctly – they are chronic auto immune diseases that throw your white blood cells into overdrive and the body starts to attack itself – this causes everything from extreme fatigue, pain, joint aches, skin disorders, ulceration of the digestive track, bleeding and fissures (holes in the intestines). At this stage – there are no cures. Hopefully there will be soon! Treatment so far, includes medications to suppress the immune system from over reacting, and surgery (removing part of or all of the intestine). Some people have to live with an ileostomy (temporary or permanent bag) post surgery – which can be life saving, but hard to live with and preferably avoided at all costs. These diseases are serious and potentially life threatening – affecting peoples way of life, confidence, and physical functionality.
Please all share awareness:)
Am looking forward to working with the Gut Foundation this week on their IBD campaign to help share awareness of bowel disease.
With love,


Lets Get Visceral @gutfoundation


#crohnsawareness #ibdawareness


2 thoughts on “IBD Awareness Month!

  1. Hi I’ve come to your blog post view a link on FAcebook
    I don’t have Crohn’s however my rheumatologist has said I’m well on my way to having Crohn’s
    Constantly sick and don’t know what to eat, having allergies / skin rashes to different food and gut pain.
    My inflammation is down a bit in my body I’m on a few medications now that have ment I can do basic things.
    Will be reading everything on your page


    1. Hi Catherine, I am really sorry you have had such struggles with your health – and that must be especially frustrating when you can’t put your finger on diagnosis completley yet? Crohn’s can be sensitive to food when there is a flare up – however a flare is not caused by food intolerance – it feels like it is a process of elimination to figure out what works for you, and what can aggrivate. I hope you continue to find relief!
      Best, Sylvia


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