Bigger than Weinstein

It’s been really heartbreaking, disturbing and has made me feel honestly depressed – reading the stories of all the women who have been abused by one man. Women literally raped, and then made feel completely powerless to speak up, due to Weinstein’s law team, his influence in the media, and of course – the physical […]

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Ostomy Awareness!

What’s it like living with a bag? Pretty shitty to be honest;) Yeah I went there!!! Today is World Ostomy Day, in part of Ostomy Awareness Week!  So, want to share my experience of living with an Ostomy. You excited? 😉 Firstly – an Ostomy/aka Stoma/ aka Bag – is when surgery has taken place […]

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Let’s talk.

  No seriously – we need to talk – especially those who are living with a chronic illness. It’s not winging (such a stigma that needs to go). I mean talking, because we really need to. You know the hardest thing (one of the hardest things) about living with a chronic illness, is coming to […]

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Mental health AND the gut

Do these sound familiar? ‘Listen to your gut’ ‘Gut feeling’ ‘Gut wrenching experience’ ‘Butterflies in the stomach’   There is a book that’s a bit of a best seller right now, ‘The Mind Gut Connection’ by Dr Emeran Mayer – demonstrating the inextricable, biological link between the mind and the digestive system. Dr. Mayer explains, […]

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I’ve got what?!?

Being diagnosed with IBD – is not exactly the type of news you want to hear! Big sweeping terms from the specialist like: ‘we don’t know what causes IBD…’ ‘we don’t know how you personally got IBD…’ ‘but, it’s for life…’ ‘it can be serious…’ ‘or not so serious…’ ‘and, we don’t have a cure…’ […]

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IBD Awareness Month!

It’s the beginning of IBD month:) this month is all about sharing awareness of chronic bowel diseases such as Ulcerativce Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. These diseases are much more than having a funny tummy, or not digesting food correctly – they are chronic auto immune diseases that throw your white blood cells into overdrive and […]

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