Mental health AND the gut

Do these sound familiar? ‘Listen to your gut’ ‘Gut feeling’ ‘Gut wrenching experience’ ‘Butterflies in the stomach’   There is a book that’s a bit of a best seller right now, ‘The Mind Gut Connection’ by Dr Emeran Mayer – demonstrating the inextricable, biological link between the mind and the digestive system. Dr. Mayer explains, […]

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I’ve got what?!?

Being diagnosed with IBD – is not exactly the type of news you want to hear! Big sweeping terms from the specialist like: ‘we don’t know what causes IBD…’ ‘we don’t know how you personally got IBD…’ ‘but, it’s for life…’ ‘it can be serious…’ ‘or not so serious…’ ‘and, we don’t have a cure…’ […]

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IBD Awareness Month!

It’s the beginning of IBD month:) this month is all about sharing awareness of chronic bowel diseases such as Ulcerativce Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. These diseases are much more than having a funny tummy, or not digesting food correctly – they are chronic auto immune diseases that throw your white blood cells into overdrive and […]

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Thanks, but no thanks;)

I find it a challenge now, to look after myself so totally – that it means saying no to people/events – that you would normally jump at the chance to go to. What happens if you’re a yes person, but your body says no? You can either listen to your body & snuggle into bed […]

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New Years resolutions? Made em? Broke em yet? Am gonna conquer the world!!!! …Wait a minute….that’s a lotta work, think I’ll just sleep in…. Yep, good call;) I came into this year with absolutely NO resolutions, or goals. How about that, eh? May sound totally slack! One think is certain however, I won’t be disappointed about […]

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